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  • Evans Cycles went through a period of change in October 2018. As a consequence, the reloadable gift card product was removed from sale. Please note that if you have an existing Evans Cycles reloadable card with funds on, the full balance must be redeemed before 31st January 2019. This applies to any Evans Cycles Reloadable Cards activated on or before 29th October 2018. After 31st January 2019, affected cards will expire and the funds will no longer be accessible.
  • Leisure Voucher Reloadable Card is going through some changes which will impact any existing cards. Please click here to see the full message.
  • Unfortunately, Wyevale Reloadable cards are no longer available to purchase from 15th April 2019. This is a decision that has been made by the retailer as they have sold 31 of their stores to Dobbie’s. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. Alternatively, you can purchase the National Garden Centre reloadable card which can be redeemed in a variety of garden centres across the UK. Please check the where to spend link on the National Garden Centre offer page before purchasing. If you have purchased a Wyevale reloadable card that you have not yet activated, please contact our customer services team on 01908 303531 who will be able to assist. If you have got a Wyevale reloadable card with funds remaining on the gift card, these can still be redeemed at any Wyevale Garden Centre. If you no longer have a local Wyevale Garden Centre, gift cards can be transferred onto an online voucher code by calling Wyevale Customer Services on 0344 272 3000. The online code can be spent at Additionally, 30 of the garden centres that are being sold to Dobbie’s will continue to accept Wyevale Garden Centre gift cards until 31st August 2019. After this date the cards will no longer be accepted in the Dobbie’s stores.

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